Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of investment is required?

The best way to get a ball-park is to simply drop me a line and tell me what you have in mind.  It takes just a moment and I promise it won't open sales-pitch can of worms.  Websites for Business/Organizations can vary dramatically in their individual needs while Campaigns typically have many similarities, features, and general functionality - enabling me to create them using tried & true methods at very competitive rates.


A considerable portion of Elab clientele is through Consulting Firms and Marketing Agencies that need full-service solutions or Website Design Firms that need a little help delivering specific/custom functionality.  If you are an agency in need of a go-to resource, please feel free to send me a message and we can talk about possible arrangements that are mutually beneficial.

What about site maintenance?

When your new website is launched, you will receive website maintenance, updates and general tweaks at no additional cost for a period of 45-90 days (depending on the complexity of your site) to ensure that you start off on solid footing.   This breaking-in period also allows you ample time to determine how much, if any, assistance you need moving forward.

If you or someone on your staff are fully comfortable at managing the site, doing routine off-site backups, updating core, plugins and scripts, etc... then you are good to go!  Most organizations do not have anyone on staff to effectively manage these types of tasks, while some certainly do, and others can manage some, but not all aspects of keeping their website running smoothly, secure and updated.

To address this, I use what I call "Care Plans", which are tailored to each client's needs.  The goal of the Care Plan is not to generate revenue in itself, but ensure that all aspects of keeping your website safe, effective and current (front-end and back) are taken care of in the most cost efficient way for clients while maintaining a time-efficient workflow with no emergency downtime. 

Care Plan Pricing is based entirely on client needs and can usually be quoted as part of the proposal process.  

Do you build e-commerce websites?

Sure do.  I have a good deal of experience in developing solutions for "Digital Sales" of downloadable goods, e-commerce shops for physical products, as well as Paid Membership sites.

I have more questions!

Just hop over and drop me a message. I will be glad to help with any questions you may have.

More Questions?

Let's talk about your project.